Sample Output: DNA Transfer Experiments

Here is a close-up image of a portion of the PostScript output from one of our sample queries. It shows three stable transfection experiments from a 1993 paper by Miller, Walsh, et al. that used construct segments from the HS2 core, in register with the conserved regions in that vicinity from our multiple alignment. (The known landmarks in that area are also drawn at the bottom of the page, but are not shown here due to limitations in image size and resolution.)

For each experiment, the construct fragment of interest is depicted on the left side of the page, with mutated sites noted (in this case substitutions) and arrows indicating that these fragments were present in their native orientation. The notations at the left edge indicate that the constructs also included the neomycin resistance gene. The right side of the page shows the results measured for each experiment, so in this case we can see how the various mutations affected the expression level compared to the wild-type HS2 core.

Other symbols used in the diagram are defined at the bottom of this page (also not shown), and subsequent pages contain text describing each experiment in more detail, including the precise units of measurement for the numerical results. Full literature citations for each paper are also provided.

.gif version of PostScript output