Sample Output: Binding Assays

Here is a close-up image of a portion of the PostScript output from one of our sample queries. It shows two in-vitro footprint experiments in the HS2 region from a 1993 paper by Bresnick and Felsenfeld, in register with the known landmarks in that vicinity and conserved regions from our multiple alignment.

The numbered blocks drawn for each experiment indicate the locations where various proteins were observed to bind to the upper or lower strand of DNA. There is a key at the top of the page (not shown here due to limitations in image size and resolution) which not only identifies each protein by number, but also summarizes all of the sites found by this query where that protein was observed to bind.

Other symbols used in the diagram are defined at the bottom of this page (also not shown), and subsequent pages contain text describing each experiment in more detail, along with full literature citations for each paper.

.gif version of PostScript output